It’s funny how time seems to quietly float by us like a cloud. There are moments, seconds really, that matter so much. Those feelings that are inside of you are yours. No one else felt them or experienced the moment the way you did. And just like those special times that are tucked away in our hearts and minds, so are our dreams. I think most of us long for pretty much the same thing when it all comes down to it. We want the ones we love to love us back. We want our loved ones to shine in this life and feel happiness for every minute of their lives. I also think that we want to leave behind validated proof of our feelings and emotions. Even our opinions of certain things. 
     I have spent my own life writing songs or thinking about music in one way or another. Of course, like the rest of the world, I have worked to make a living. But no matter what I was doing, there was music somewhere very close to me. I have been in some very loud factories, yet I have always heard songs. I can’t explain it really. It goes so far back that I don’t remember not having it in my heart. I am a writer I suppose. I write music and words. It’s what I am. 
     There have been times I have wished that God would have given me a different gift. Even though I truly love the process of writing and singing a song, the business side of the industry has hurt me deeply. But like any other storm, it is important that we endure a shower or two in order to get to the sunshine. I am certain that all of us have been forced down a path or two that we didn’t want to walk down. But we found the strength to make it, and we somehow became better because of it. I think this is part of a life; it ebbs and flows. It brings us happiness that is indescribable, and every once in a while it throws us a curve ball we can hardly believe.
     The thing we all have in common is we each have our own story. We have all been on our own journey. We have grown through the hurt. We have loved like there wasn’t going to be anymore. We have had loved ones taken away by the sting of death. And we have all had our dreams. Dreams are funny in the way they kind of hang around in the back of our mind, but never really want to leave. A dream is something that God lays upon our hearts. I have held on to my dreams throughout the years. But, my dreams had a way of adapting to my life as I changed and developed with age. 
     Music and books will be my legacy; they are a part of me. The part of myself I wanted to share with the listener or the reader. It has always been important to me that whoever listened or read my words would walk away feeling like they knew me. I have always hoped that there would be a moment in someone’s life that one of my songs would attach itself to them and become one of their favorite songs forever. 
     My hope is that my music or words will challenge you in a special way. Through the years I have been asked all kinds of questions regarding my music. What makes my music, my style, special? Well, it’s special because it’s often about my life. My time spent here on earth. But, more importantly I think what I bring to the table for some consideration is commitment. I have never given up on my dreams. I pushed them back on the timeline because I had a family. My family is far more important than anything I could ever do, but I held on. I simply believed God put this calling in my heart for a reason. Through the years I have tried to do the right thing and wait for my opportunity and it seems to finally be here. Like I said, it’s what I am. This is my legacy.
     I challenge you to search your own heart and re-evaluate what has been on your mind for years. Remember that God created you for a very special reason. We all have a purpose and I truly hope that if you have been putting it off, that you make a few adjustments in your life. Whatever it is that is inside of you needs to be given.


Your legacy is waiting.

- Scott

Legacy - 2021.png