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"Now here is a wonderful surprise, Ms. Tanya Tucker singing and in fine form too! Scott is good also as they go through this pretty love ballad. Tucker's raspy tones coupled with his assured and ideal storytelling vocals ensure his composition is an outright country music winner that also fits today’s market!"
-Sean Green | Shine FM, Ireland 
“Newbie Scott Coner, along with Tanya Tucker, have gone to number one on the Hotdisc Top 40. Their duet song "Maybe She Lied" is getting heavy promotion on Internet country station CMR Nashville.” 
-Country Routes
“Scott Coner and Tanya Tucker (pronounced "Conner", American). Scott has teamed up with one of the legends of country music, Tanya Tucker, to release one of his own tunes, 'Maybe She Lied'. Normally if a song is five minutes long, most DJ's will be in two minds whether or not to play it, particularly if they have a one-hour show to cram in as many tracks as possible. But in this case, we have a seriously good song, which demands to be played. Scott is certainly a name to look out for, and the fact that an icon the calibre of Tanya Tucker agreed to put her reputation on the line for a relatively unknown act is testament to the quality of the song and Scott himself. Remember where you read about him first!”
-Stuart Cameron | Stuart Cameron Talks Country
"Pure country perfection..."
-CMR Nashville

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