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A short story by Country Singer-Songwriter and Author Scott Coner


Based on his song and video about domestic violence, "When the Angels Cry"


"I didn’t know for sure if I even wanted to record the song 'When The Angels Cry', much less write this accompanying short story, 'When An Angel Cried'. I had carried the song with me for the better part of 20 years before I ever recorded it. It’s a dark theme, and I didn’t want people thinking I considered myself some kind of authority on the matter, because I’m not. Although like most of you, I do have some pretty strong opinions about the subject."

-- Scott Coner

'When An Angel Cries'
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant, and Me
During a time when toughskin blue jeans, button-down shirts, and flat-top haircuts were all the rage, Gene Odom and Ronnie Van Zant became best friends. Growing up on the same block, Ronnie and Gene fished, played football, and dreamed together. Years later, one of the boys would become famous—and the other would stand by his side through thick and thin. This is the story of two young men from the same neighborhood, school, and world who together, discovered the meaning of true friendship.
Incase I'm Not Around


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