"Maybe She Lied" (Feat. Tanya Tucker) By Scott Coner

This is the story behind "Maybe She Lied" working with Tanya.....

“Maybe She Lied”, has brought me the great experience of working with Tanya Tucker, however I wrote the song about six months before I met her. I have a close friend in Kentucky that had just had his wife walk out on him leaving him completely shocked. At the same time, another good friend of mine had the very same thing happen in his life. You listen to these stories, and if you have any compassion at all, you begin to share in their pain. I kind of put myself in this mental movie and walked through my own home imagining what it would be like to lose my own wife. Finding the wedding ring by the sink was a very vivid image in my mind. I am very proud and happy with the song, and I will always cherish working with Tanya Tucker. She took the song to a different level both vocally and emotionally and it allowed the song to come from two perspectives.



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