Country Artist Scott Coner Launches 'In The Studio' Acoustic Video Series

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 2015) – Country artist Scott Coner is adding a live acoustic feel to his music videos by launching a new video series called "In the Studio with Scott Coner".

"Close to You", the first video from the series, was released on You Tube and Facebook on Aug. 18. Other song videos will follow in the coming weeks and months. Coner, who has worked with artists such as Tanya Tucker and T. Graham Brown, says he used an "organic approach" to present his songs in their most basic form. Fellow musicians guitarist Jake Widenhofer, percussionist Bryan Tewell, and bass player Adam Cunningham were encouraged to play the songs from their own perspective.

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"I wasn't going for the highly polished sound that we have all become accustomed to," said Coner, who hopes to release a full concert on video next year. "I think one of the things we have lost in this digital age is the spontaneity that this type of recording offers. Something that hit home with me years ago was when John Mellencamp released 'Pink Houses' and 'Small Town' on a stripped-down acoustic release. I never forgot that, and I suppose this is my attempt."

For the video shoot, the four musicians sat with their instruments in chairs left to right in front of a brick and wood-accented fireplace. Performances were miked or fed into a soundboard, where engineer Sean Spence monitored volume and reverb levels. Each song was recorded from start to finish without interruption to produce a live acoustic feel. Scott's wife, Cyndi, manned the camera for the Coner family's Cynnamae Media Productions.

"The approach was anything but technical really," Scott added. "The guys all had a click track with a basic in their ears, but I opted to do my part listening to the room only. The only issue for me with this approach was that I couldn't hear the bass at all."

The artist describes "Close to You" as a love song for his wife. Other upcoming song videos from the series will include "Sanibel", a song he originally recorded with T. Graham Brown; "Taylorsville Angel", a tune about a truck stop waitress and a lonely trucker; and "Nashville Song", a recent music video about overcoming disappointments on Music Row.

"I've never attempted to make a record that is technically perfect from end to end," Scott continued. "My music is usually about my life in some way, and I kind of look at my songs the way someone might look at a photo album or scrapbook. My hope is that people will continue to identify with the songs and apply them to their own life in one way or another."

A self-proclaimed family man, Scott Coner lives with his wife and two daughters on rural farmland near Franklin, Ind. He has recorded songs with a who's who of country legends including Tanya Tucker, T. Graham Brown, and Charlie Daniels. Scott's single "Maybe She Lied", a duet with Tucker on Reedy's Dream Records, hit number one on the United Kingdom's Hot Disk Top 40. Other songs, including "Sanibel" (a duet with Brown) and "Reedy's Dream" (with vocal and instrumental contributions from Daniels) have been heard on terrestrial and online radio stations around the world. Also an emerging author, Scott recently penned the book "Lynyrd Skynyrd: Ronnie Van Zant and Me" with Gene Odom, a survivor of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash.

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