NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 2016) – Reedy's Dream Music has released a new music video for the hit song "Maybe She Lied", a duet featuring country artist Scott Coner and singing legend Tanya Tucker.

Coner says he was inspired to write the song on his Takamine guitar after a very good friend went home from work and found his wife gone with all of her belongings. Coner and Tucker later recorded an emotionally charged rendition of the song at CTM Studios in Nashville. The tune hit number one in the United Kingdom shortly after its release.

"My friend never saw it coming, and it shocked the daylights out of him when it happened," said Coner, who has worked with other country legends such as T. Graham Brown and Charlie Daniels. "Working with Tanya, even being in the same room with Tanya, is an honor. Her voice is stronger than anything I have ever heard, and she attacked the song like a seasoned pro. She truly is a beautiful person."

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The "Maybe She Lied" music video reveals the heartache of a love affair gone wrong. Once together, now apart, the man and woman look back and yearn for what could have been. A crew from Cynnamae Media Productions shot the video on the Coner family farm in Nancy, Ky. The house and farm is where Coner's grandparents' raised eight kids and the same place where he spent countless hours roaming the fields and thinking about his future. The video was directed by his wife, Cyndi Coner.

"Everything in the video means something to me," Coner added. "The trees that I stand by are where I used to play as a kid. The porch scene is where I sat with my grandpa and grandma on many an occasion, and the hay and tobacco barns both make an appearance. Cyndi holding an umbrella is my favorite part of the song. I love the colors and beauty she brought to everything."

Coner co-produced the song with sound engineer Logan Schlegal. A Floyd Cramer piano style was used throughout the song to help give it a classic country feel. Coner and Tucker worked with some of Music Row's top session musicians.

"Of course, Tanya Tucker did an amazing job," Coner continued. "When I left the studio after the mix, I knew we had a strong track. Mark Mosely is a friend and producer here in town that helped bring Tanya to the table. I don't think I can ever thank him enough for that."

Scott Coner has recorded songs with a who's who of country legends including Tanya Tucker, T. Graham Brown, and Charlie Daniels. Scott's single "Maybe She Lied", a duet with Tucker on Reedy's Dream Records, hit number one on the United Kingdom's Hot Disk Top 40. Other songs, including "Sanibel" (a duet with Brown) and "Reedy's Dream" (with vocal and instrumental contributions from Daniels) have been heard on terrestrial and online radio stations around the world. Also an emerging author, Scott recently penned the book "Lynyrd Skynyrd: Ronnie Van Zant and Me" with Gene Odom, a survivor of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash.

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